I have many blogs but I wanted this one to keep the journal of me being a wife…the journey of ups and downs. I have thought many times I should just write what is happening in my life as a wife now but words just do not seem to be coming to me of late when I with the keyboard.

I do not want the only thing written in my blog to be negative but then, thats all I have with me now, and in case you didn’t know, mostly are my emotional ones. They are the same story. Never ending.

I didn’t want a blog to pour out all my sorrows, but I needed a shelter, a solace, a refuge place…Also because I am hoping that I will just wake up one day, and things will be much better and then I’ll look back at this blog and laugh about it. To see, how much I went through, and how much it made me stronger than before.

I know I should be grateful for I know that there are people in this world with problems much greater than mine. It makes me feel guilty to write about my problems when things could be much worse.

But then, after all, I am a human and now a wife. I thought it would change, I thought its something I always wanted. But then, is it really what I wanted, or just because I need it.